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All modifications to Ecwid stores, incl. REST API, Webhooks, Payment and Shipping methods and others, are done by applications. Register your app to get started.

There are two types of apps for Ecwid: Native and External. Learn about each of them below.

Both app types are hosted on external services and Ecwid only stores URLs to corresponding pages: for webhooks, for payment and shipping requests and others.

Native apps

Native applications work inside of Ecwid Control Panel in a separate tab, just like Shipping or Design Settings.

This puts your app right into the day-to-day workflow of an Ecwid store owner and it is a great way to design an app for Ecwid. Using Ecwid JS SDK it’s very easy to get access token for a store.

More details: Native apps

External apps

External applications work outside of Ecwid Control panel and user would interact and control them on a separate website.

This approach is great for applications that provide extensive feature set for store owners and would require implementing OAuth flow to get access token for a specific Ecwid store.

More details: External apps

Use cases

Social marketing

Create an application that will get product details from an Ecwid store and provide user option to share and schedule posts to social media accounts with products from their Ecwid store.

Suggested API requests:

Product marketplace

Get product details from an Ecwid store to display them on a marketplace. Use webhooks to notify marketplace about changes of a product.

Suggested API features:

Fulfillment service

Synchronize Ecwid catalog with the fulfillment service of your choice. Update stock levels in both systems based on new orders in the store.

Suggested API features:

Affiliate program

Get information about new orders and provide commissions to your ambassadors. Use webhooks to get order details after it was placed.

Suggested API features:

Custom content in storefront

Create an app to show custom content in Ecwid storefront. Store owner can update it using your app interface in Ecwid Control Panel.

Suggested API features:

Membership system for customers

Use customer groups in the store as a tool to manage memberships. Provide discounts to regular shoppers like absolute discount or free shipping.

Suggested API features:

Storefront Themes

Customizing Ecwid’s design never been easier - apply your CSS file to all storefronts of a specific store. Help Ecwid users adapt the design of their storefront for their business or a website.

Suggested API features:

Learn more on how to create a theme for Ecwid:

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