API availability on Ecwid plans

Ecwid pricing includes four tiers: Free, Venture, Business, Unlimited. The API is available on paid Ecwid plans, i.e. on Venture, Business and Unlimited.

Merchants on Free plans cannot use Ecwid API. This means that, if the user is on Free plan, all API functions will fail including requests to read or update store data, embedding of the app interfaces into Ecwid Control Panel and customizing storefront.

Q: I need to start developing my app. How can I get a paid account?

If you’re building an app for Ecwid App Market, we would be happy to provide you with a paid Ecwid account for free for development and testing purposes.

Feel free to contact us, provide the details of your application and we will help you.

Please note that this account must not be used for selling the application or any other products to real customers.

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