App details page

To install any application from the Ecwid App Market, user would need to visit an app details page for that application first. Typical app details link in Ecwid Control Panel looks like this:

Where my-cool-app is the appId provided to you when you registered your application with us. App details page contains various information like app description, screenshots, pricing and other details.

Public app details page of Ecwid app for iOS

User can install the application into their Ecwid store from this page and this process replaces the oAuth dialog, because user is already in the Ecwid Control Panel. After that, your app will request store permissions that you specified when you registered the application and proceed according to the type of the application (see below).

To set up an app details page for your public application, see Publishing Your App page for details.

The app installation works different for different app types:

  • Ecwid will redirect user to app tab in Ecwid Control Panel if it’s a Native app
  • Ecwid will redirect user to external website with temporary code if it’s an External app
  • Ecwid will not redirect user anywhere if no redirect is specified for the app

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