Application storage

The Ecwid API offers simple key-value storage for apps. You can use it to save private user preferences and public storefront settings, or as a database for your app.

App storage data example

App storage data example

This storage allows you to create complex client-side (JavaScript) apps and skip using a database on a server (like MySQL, etc.).

So now you can save user data (e.g. preferences like color, font size, the position of a widget in the storefront, whether a widget is active, etc.) right in the Ecwid API, so you can use it as the database of your application.

Each data entry is stored as a pair: a key and its value. You can get a specific value right away by checking a corresponding key. It is available for both embeddable and storefront apps.

Important: the storage of each app is isolated from other apps, so user data of your application is not available to other apps and vice versa.