Manage store filters

Merchants can manage their store filters in the Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Product filters.

There you can enable the product filters feature and enable/disable specific filters, like: specific product options, attributes and more.

Product filters in Ecwid Control Panel

Enabling filters

Product filters can be enabled when a store is on the Ecwid Business plan or higher. Enable product filters

Check widget availability

You can check whether filters are enabled in storefront using the Store profile endpoint → productFiltersSettings. Get store profile endpoint

Change filters position

You can display product widgets on the left or right side of the storefront area.

It is possible to set position for both the search page and all category pages in a store.

Change position using REST API at any time

Use the product_filters_position_search_page,product_filters_position_category_page to get and update position of filters widget. See the designSettings field.

Store profile endpoint

Change position using JS in storefront

Use product_filters_position_category_page and product_filters_position_search_page in Ecwid’s storefront config to change their position on corresponding pages.

Customize appearance documentation

Display filters by default

Product filters can be displayed right away when a customer opens a category page.

Use product_filters_opened_by_default_on_category_page in Ecwid’s storefront config to display filters by default.

Customize appearance documentation