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Apps are a way for any 3rd party developer to start using the Ecwid API for a specific store or to create a solution for any Ecwid merchant.

The possibilities are truly endless when you are using the Ecwid API to create an application for Ecwid. You can connect a fulfillment system to provide timely updates about your inventory levels, integrate with a preferred accounting system, add custom content to specific store pages, and much more!

oAuth2 authentication of the Ecwid API allows your users to install apps in one click, which makes the process easy and seamless for merchants. Additionally, apps can have their own landing pages inside of the Ecwid Control Panel! Check out some great app examples here.

The App Market

App Market

Apps are a great way to enhance features of a single Ecwid store, but why not share this feature with all 900,000+ Ecwid merchants around the world? Your application can be featured to all global Ecwid users, meaning anyone can install it for their Ecwid store and exposing your great tool for nearly a million new prospects.

For merchants, the installation process of an application involvews just a couple easy steps:

  1. Find the desired app in the App Market
  2. Install it in two clicks

It really is that easy.

Apps can be paid or free and, if you leverage Ecwid Billing, users can pay for your app right from your app details page. See the Make Money page for more details.

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