We are delighted you are looking to build an app for Ecwid! Let’s have a look through our documentation and learn more about the platform to get started:

  1. Register a new Ecwid account
    To access Ecwid API, you will need to have a paid Ecwid account (if you already have a free store, tell us your Store ID so we can upgrade it to a paid plan for testing and development)
  2. Play with the Ecwid API
    Before registering an application, we suggest you play around with the Ecwid API playground. Check out how the requests are made and how Ecwid API responds to them. This is the best way to check out the API features and get to know the platform.
  3. Register your app
    This is a way for us to keep track of your application and know that you are committed to developing an amazing app for our merchants

The app registration will be under review for up to 2 business days and we will contact you if we encounter any questions about your request. We will send over your API keys (client_id, client_secret) as soon as we can.

Your email will be included into the regular newsletter so you will receive updates on new features of Ecwid API and the Ecwid App Market as they appear. You can also subscribe to updates in our API documentation.

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