Create an app for the Ecwid App Market

Ecwid is an online store solution for many merchants across the world. Publish your app on the Ecwid App Market and start earning! Let’s get you published with these easy steps.

1. Follow the requirements

Before you get started with the development, check the required items below:

Any interaction with Ecwid API is done via an app. It authorizes your API requests and provides the features you need for your particular business case.

2. Choose API Features

After your app is registered, install it in your test store using instructions from Ecwid team’s email. Your store is the main place where you will be developing and testing your app.

Next, learn about the API features you may need to use. Check the list of features below and in the API Documentation itself.

Available API Features

Each API Doc section provides extensive information on a particular feature, so use it to your advantage. Once you are ready to use them, contact Ecwid team to enable those features in your app.

You can update your app at any time.

3. Develop the app and follow the guidelines

When developing an app, it’s important to follow the app guidelines. They will help you build a successful app that is easy to use and looks great.

Check the guidelines:

4. Publish your app

Public apps work in many different environments, across different countries and cultures. Ecwid team will be testing and reviewing your app prior to publishing it.

Learn about the publishing process:

Terms and Conditions

Any app is subject to terms and conditions of Ecwid’s Developer License Agreement.

Read the terms and conditions:

Make money

Apps in the Ecwid App Market can be paid or free.

Learn about various ways you can earn money from your app: