Adapt the store to your business needs

Looking for options to further customize your Ecwid store? Let’s see what you can do with the Ecwid API Platform.

Free your creativity

  • Easy API
    Simple and intuitive API to make app development a piece of cake
  • Customize anything
    Customize any aspect of a store to fit merchants’ business needs
  • We are here to help
    Got a question on implementing a new feature? Ask us and we will be glad to help!

Table of Contents

What API features you can use

Add Custom Payment/Shipping/Discount

Integrate your preferred payment gateway or a new shipping carrier. Or provide entirely new and custom discounts at checkout based on cart contents:

Save public and hidden data to orders

Track anonymous stats or add new fields at store checkout. For example, ask users where they found out about your store:

Customize the storefront

Create custom themes, add new features or restrict functionality of a storefront with your custom JS and/or CSS file. For example, add tabs to product’s description:

Get orders or update product stock

Get access to store’s orders, products, customers and other store entities to read, update, create or delete them on merchant’s behalf.

Webhooks for store events

Webhooks allow you to get an instant notification after an event occurred in an Ecwid store: new order is placed, product went out of stock, a new customer joined, and many more events.

Embed your interface into Ecwid Control Panel

Display any custom settings or additional controls within the Ecwid Control Panel, to keep everything in one place.

How to get started

The customizations require a certain level of programming knowledge. Select the option that best suits you below.

I want someone to do it for me

That’s okay! Talk to the Ecwid Customization Service directly about your plans or browse the list of Ecwid Experts registry who are ready to help you:

I want to do it myself

Great! Use the instructions from the developer guidelines: