Develop your application

Find out how to update your application settings, follow the guidelines and submit your app for review.

Table of Contents

  1. Manage your app
  2. Develop your app
  3. Helpful links


When you have the app installed on your test Ecwid store, you can start making requests to the Ecwid REST API. Your app will have all the details as you described them in the registration request.

Update app settings

To update any of the app details — links, add/remove permissions or anything else — please contact us with the new app details and we will be glad to update your app.

Submit for review

We suggest to submit the application for a review on an early stages (alpha, beta versions). This way we can be sure that the app works according to our guidelines and standards right from the start.

If you feel that your app is ready, please submit it for review to the Ecwid Team.


After app registration we will send you the API keys (client_id, client_secret), which means you can start developing your application. They will allow you to get an access token for your store and make your first API call.

Native Apps

If your app is public and creates a new tab for Ecwid Control panel, then it is a Native app. These apps operate in the Ecwid Control Panel and getting an access token is much simpler, as the oAuth process is omitted and access token is retrieved from the payload.

See Native apps guideline for more details.

External Apps

In any other case, your app is considered External, and it will not have an app details page if the app is for a single Ecwid store. To get an access token for these kind of applications, users will need to go through the oAuth process which is described in “Get Access Token” section.

See External apps guideline for more details.

Customizing Storefront

Applications can also customize merchant’s storefront to add new functionality and content to the store pages. These apps will be an integral part of the store, so to ensure that it works great — check out the guidelines for apps that customize storefront.

See Customizing Storefront apps guideline for more details.

Here are some great resources to help you dive into more detail:

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