App Examples

Some prime examples of how to build a great app and message it to Ecwid merchants

Custom URL for “Thank you” page

This application allows users to set their own custom URL for the “Thank you for your order” page in an Ecwid store. So once a customer finishes placing their order, they will get automatically redirected to the URL specified in the app settings.

Under the hood

The settings are located in the Ecwid Control Panel as a separate tab (“Native apps”) and in a storefront, the app adds its own JavaScript code to perform the redirect when needed. To get user-specified URL from the settings, the app uses Public App Config feature.

App source code:

Kliken Stats — get store orders analytics

Kliken Stats allows merchants to get insights on their store orders in the Ecwid Control Panel. Once installed, the application appears on the “Reports” page in the store backend and provides an interface for the merchant to see the top selling products and graphs of  orders with various payment and fulfillment statuses.

Under the hood

The application embeds itself on the “Sales” page in the store backend using the “Native apps” approach. The new tab in Control panel displays the list of store orders received from the “/orders” API endpoint. To get timely updates about new orders, the app uses “Webhooks” functionality of the Ecwid API.

Helpful Crowd — ratings & reviews for your products

Helpful Crowd is one of the best known reviews applications. It adds an “Add a Review” form to the product details page, allowing a customer to rate the product. Helpful Crowd’s built-in, powerful marketing, and analytics tools help drive more traffic and attract more customers to your store.

Under the hood

The Helpful Crowd application uses the “Customize Storefront” set of tools provided by Ecwid API. When a seller installs the Helpful Crowd app in Ecwid, the application loads an external JS file in the user storefront. The application’s JavaScript code uses the Ecwid JavaScript API to keep track of what page is opened in the store and adds on the page a rating and reviews widget on-the-fly. After installation, user is directed to the Helpful Crowd app interface within the Ecwid Control Panel where they can see the reviews and the account info. This approach is called “Native Applications”.

Free Shipping Icon — show the icon on product pages

Free Shipping Icon allows Ecwid users to automatically show Free Shipping Icon on product details pages that are shipped for free. It adds a handy settings tab in Ecwid Control Panel, where users can select their own icon or change the conditions of displaying it.

Under the hood

The Free Shipping Icon application adds a new tab in Ecwid Control Panel to offer users a control over the icon display in storefront. To send the user settings to storefront, the app uses “Application Storage” feature of the Ecwid API. In the storefront, it gets the information about the page that is currently opened via the “Ecwid JavaScript API” and adds an icon if the conditions of user settings match the visitor.

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