Building an External App

The Ecwid API allows you to manage the store as if it were a real store owner making changes. This will save you time and resources and makes creating an integration between Ecwid and your service easier than ever! Check the guideline below for our recommendations and suggestions on building an optimal integration.


The basic principle of any integration for Ecwid is to define and build a simple, intuitive onboarding process. This will allow them to see more details and benefits of using your service right away, increasing adoption and retention rates.

Step by step app flow:

  1. User visits app details page and installs the app
    All apps in the Ecwid App Market have their own app details page where users can find out more details and install the application.
  2. Ecwid redirects this user to your page with a code parameter
    Use this parameter to get the access token for the store and set up the account for the user
  3. Your website brings the user into the onboarding process
    Make sure your page on the return URL onboards users effectively — this is a landing page for them of your service.

These are the basic steps that a user will go through in order to install your application.


Is your service ready to accept new users? Great! Let’s make sure that it works correctly and is easy to follow. Below you will find our requirements for the review process on how the preferred installation process.

  • Single Sign On for new users
    When a user installs your application, this process should be as simple as possible: Click “Install” —> Go to your website —> Start using your service. When a user comes to your website, make sure to set up an account for them automatically by getting the necessary details via the Ecwid API and sign them into their account right away. Alternatively you can pre-fill the user details that you need, such as email or name, for your Ecwid-specific landing page.
  • Ecwid must already be connected to the account in your service
    When a user installs your application, they provide you with access to their Ecwid store; sometimes services have multiple channels to connect, so make sure Ecwid’s account of this user is already connected to your service at the end of installation.
  • The fewer steps for a user, the better
    Many services allow for precise tweaks in the interface to adjust to their preferences. It is a great feature to have, however for the users that just started using your service, it may be a bit overwhelming. Make sure to pre-fill any setting or area that is not important at the start to let the user see the app in action as soon as possible.

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