Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an app to work with the API?

Yes. Applications are a way for your code to connect to the store via the Ecwid API Platform.

Applications can be used for public use in the Ecwid App Market as well as for custom improvements for specific Ecwid stores. If you register an app, it will not become visible to other Ecwid users automatically.

Can I get a sandbox store for testing?

Yes, you can start working on your application in a test store.

To get access, make sure you have a registered application and an Ecwid account: register. After that, contact Ecwid team and request your store to be upgraded to a paid plan.

Can I develop the app in a local environment?

While your app is not added to any real store, you can use your dev environment to develop and test the app before release. To continue to improve and debug the app after it is released to Ecwid users, we recommend registering a separate app for this.

How do I update my application settings?

To change your application settings (e.g. scopes, URLs, etc), please contact us at email.

My app is ready. What do I do next?

Great! There are a few simple steps to get your app approved and published. Please check the page below for the details.

Publish your app

How should I handle free Ecwid users?

Ecwid has over 1 million users, and many of these users are on our free plan, which does not provide them access to the API and, therefore, any apps built with it. If your app is paid, we can work with you to give a 1-month discount off an Ecwid paid plan, in order to help you give incentive for merchants to upgrade and start using your app.

We will make sure they are aware of the plan they need when they are scouring apps and will showcase the benefits of being able to utilize these best-in-class apps and technologies. For your prospects, it is important to be transparent regarding the need for a paid plan, and to clearly define the benefits and ROI of your service to justify the cost.

Is there a limit on the number of API calls my application can make?

We constantly monitor API activity and servers load on our side to make sure every application uses API properly. Applications abusing Ecwid REST API will get blocked automatically. Learn more on how to avoid getting blocked:

How should I provide support?

If our joint customer is having difficulties installing or using an app, they can contact Ecwid Support or use Live Chat in their control panel (for premium plans) and we will be happy to assist. However, please do have your support team ready for any possible issues specific to your application functionality, billing or user interface.

More details about providing support to users

Will Ecwid help me with marketing my app?

Due to the fact that there are multiple apps in the App Market, and we want to treat everyone as equally as possible, we cannot commit to any specific marketing programs on an individual app basis. However, we’ll be announcing all new apps via social media and the blog posts about new apps in the Ecwid Blog.

Additionally, we welcome our developers to create unique, thought leadership posts for our blog, which we will be happy to post on your behalf and make sure the final call-to-action is to download your app. These blogs should not be an advertisement, but something helpful for someone running an online business. For example, if you have an app that helps improve the user experience on mobile devices, you’d want to write a blog like this one. Let us know an idea you had for a blog, and we’ll work with you and your team to get this published on the Ecwid blog.

How to check if a customer agreed to receive promotional emails?

Store customers can be asked to receive email marketing at checkout with a native checkbox field. Get their response in order or customer details.

If it is “true” or not present, you can use customer email for marketing purposes. If it is “false” — you can't use details of that customer for email promotions.


Check the value of “acceptMarketing” field in /orders or /customers endpoints.

In Ecwid Control Panel

 — For order details → “Additional information” block  — For customers list → check the “Email marketing” column.

Merchants can customize this checkbox in: Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Cart & Checkout → Newsletters. These settings are also available in the Ecwid REST API.

If you recorded customer emails before

It is likely you already have a flow for customers to accept promotional emails already.

Thus you can continue using the emails of customers who already agreed to receive them. In Ecwid, those old customers and orders will not have any recorded value for “acceptMarketing” checkbox.

However, for new orders and customers, your app or custom solution must use the data from Ecwid. Make sure to avoid sending emails to customers who explicitly disagreed to receive emails ("acceptMarketing" = “false”).

If you already use your own checkbox at checkout or elsewhere

The main goal is to use the new “acceptMarketing” field provided in customer and order details in Ecwid REST API.

This field will be recorded for customer and order only if the “Request customer approval for your marketing emails at checkoutsetting is enabled.

So your solution needs to make sure that:

  • “Request customer approval for your marketing emails at checkout” setting is enabled
  • Your custom checkbox hides native one at checkout, but records the checked state there too
  • Or the native checkbox is displayed and you track customers' approval with Ecwid JS API

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