Useful list of articles

Basic guidelines to help you succeed in the Ecwid App Market

Get Started

Get to know the Ecwid platform and its core elements: Get Started

Develop an App

Register and start developing your app by getting unique access to the Ecwid API: Register

App guidelines

Check app guidelines for your application type:

Check out some Examples

Explore some great examples of how to develop and present a great app: Examples

Build an App

Read more about the Ecwid API and how can you use it: API Documentation

Create a theme for an Ecwid store

Find how easy it is to create a theme for Ecwid stores: Creating a theme

Make Money

Some quick recommendations on how to Make Money with your Ecwid app: Make Money

Read Terms and Conditions

Make sure you are familiar with the program and understand the terms and conditions of the Ecwid App Market: Terms and Conditions

Support your App

Get some tips on how to provide support for your application to Ecwid users: Supporting Your App

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out some common issues and questions and start building a great app today: Read FAQ