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Welcome to Ecwid! We are delighted you are interested in becoming a part of the Ecwid community. Here we’ll summarize a few basics of the platform, API, and App Market, and showcase a little bit of what we can accomplish together.

The Platform

Ecwid offers small businesses the most comprehensive and flexible e-commerce platform for securely creating an online store. Easily embedded into any web presence in minutes, store owners can operate, market, merchandise and sell their products and services from multiple online stores with mobile management and point-of-sale integrations.

Powerful API

The platform already comes with best-in-class built-in features such as exporting your products to eBay and out of the box support for Google Analytics, but with the Ecwid API you can easily add tools and functionality to extend the storefront. The accessible attributes of the Ecwid API include products, categories, orders, customers, storefront and much more, allowing for incredible power and flexibility in creating beautiful, functional, and profitable apps, tools, and extensions for Ecwid merchants around the world.


Applications allow Ecwid merchants to extend the capabilities of their current store using the Ecwid API, similar to a plugin for WordPress or an extension for Joomla websites.

An “app” can be as small as adding a popup window when a user takes a specific action specifically for one Ecwid merchant, or it can be complicated analytics functionality made available to all Ecwid merchants in the App Market, helping over 1 million small businesses grow their online business. Whatever it is, our merchants want it!

App Market

Your new tool can be added to the Ecwid App Market, opening up the opportunity for over 1 million potential users that can utilize your app and continue growing their business. The Ecwid App Market allows you to showcase your application right in the Ecwid Control Panel and promote it to Ecwid store owners. Applications can be free, paid or any combination in between, so you can gain more users and earn more money at the same time.

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