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Everything you need to know about making your app paid and how it works.

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In general, applications for Ecwid can be divided into two groups: Free or Paid.

Free applications for Ecwid

Free applications will usually change some basic components of a store, such as in the examples from Import Customers and Bulk Gallery Upload. The developers of such applications usually just want to give something back to the Ecwid community and perhaps generate interest in other (paid) apps they may have developed already or will in the future.

Paid applications for Ecwid

Paid applications will usually perform a more complex task and enhance Ecwid store to a whole new level. This may include connections to marketing platforms, tax automation tools, accounting systems, and much more. The most popular form of payment for such applications is subscriptions.

How Ecwid billing works?

When your application uses Ecwid billing system, we have you covered in all possible areas:


  • The app can be either Free or Paid. Ecwid billing supports 1 monthly subscription plan at a fixed price (for all users) and an optional free trial period.
  • When a subscription is paid, a user has access to your app
  • You can offer a free trial for your app so users can learn about the service prior to paying.
  • The merchant will continue using the card that they use to pay for their Ecwid subscription, so no additional action is required from them and their payment method is controlled in a single place

Issues with payment

  • The application will become unavailable until the subscription is paid for successfully
  • Ecwid will send email notifications to your users and make sure they make the necessary updates to their payment method

Free trial

  • When the free trial is over, Ecwid store will be billed a pro-rated charge till the next payday of the account automatically
  • Once the free trial period is over, the store will be required to make a payment in order to use the app

See Ecwid billing in action here: (video).

How to set up Ecwid billing

There is no additional development time required from your side; Ecwid will charge users on your behalf and the process is integrated right into the Ecwid Control Panel.

Let us know the (monthly) price for your application and, if applicable, a trial period (7 or 14 days). We will help you learn more if you have any questions and let you test your app before publishing it in the Ecwid App Market.

Important: Ecwid billing is not available for payment integrations at the moment.

When to use free trial

Applications for Ecwid have two types of functionality. They may perform a single action once or every now and then, and then others that are used continuously by a merchant.

The first group is really great for apps that do something in bulk, like import a customer list or add a product option to multiple products. If a user installs this kind of app with a trial period, they can use it once for free and then delete it. For these apps, we recommend specifying the app as paid without the trial period.

However, using the Application endpoint of the Ecwid API, you can find out whether the user is on a trial period of your app. This will allow you to provide limited access to your app, to provide users with a great demo, but not yet providing full access to your app.

The second group is generally comprised of complex apps and integrations that perform an ongoing service. For these, trials can be a great way to show the app capabilities and provide full access to it for a limited time. This will help users to understand what app does and whether it provides the necessary value they want. We recommend to specify 7- or 14-day trial period for such applications.


Why use Ecwid billing?

There are several reasons Ecwid billing will help make your app successful:

  1. No additional requests for payment details from users
    All paid Ecwid users have their payment method connected to their account. We will use those (encrypted) payment details to charge for your app, greatly improving conversions to paid
  2. Ecwid will charge users for you
    We will take care of the technical and UI aspects of charging the users, so you can concentrate on creating an app, not creating a billing system
  3. Higher preference for promotional activities
    Apps that use Ecwid billing are integrated more deeply than other apps, have a better customer experience, and improve both of our bottom lines, so we will give preference for some of the featured promotional activities
  4. Installations and revenue reports are done for you
    When your app uses Ecwid billing, we will send you monthly stats of your application to keep you updated, so no reports are required from you and you can stay focused on building an awesome app

Should I make my app paid?

We recommend you to review the flow of your application and approximate time it will take you to develop it. If the application is simple enough and you wish to create something useful for Ecwid merchants, we encourage you to start with a free or inexpensive app and gauge its adoption. If you plan to create a complex solution or integration, such as analytics, marketing, or accounting, we recommend you make your app paid (and encourage using Ecwid billing).

How you get paid

As specified in our terms and conditions, app developers are entitled to 80% of all net app revenues.

We will report monthly numbers of installs and revenues to your team at a specified email address. Revenue share payments of 80% are delivered quarterly to a PayPal account based on the Ecwid fiscal year (January-December). If you are receiving the payments in another currency, i.e. Russian Roubles, we will use conversion rates for the date when the payment is sent.

Can I provide refunds with Ecwid billing?

Ecwid subscriptions, including subscriptions for applications, are non-refundable. However, if a user has deleted an app prior to the end of their subscription end date, Ecwid team can restore that subscription. Contact Ecwid Support team on behalf of the user to request restoration of subscription.

How you can provide/receive reports

If you are using Ecwid billing, you don’t need to provide any regular reports to us about your application. We will have the installations statistics as well as the revenue amounts generated by your application. Ecwid will send you monthly updates on your application stats so you can be informed of its performance in our App Market.

Any application has access to the Application endpoint, which provides application status in a specific store. Also, your app can subscribe to receive notifications about app status changes using Webhooks feature of the Ecwid API (see application.* event types).

In any other case, you are required by our terms and conditions to provide monthly revenue reports to Ecwid and corresponding quarterly payouts of Ecwid’s revenue share of 20%.

Other Pricing Structures

We know that some applications have more complex payment plans that depend on various factors, like user base, active campaigns running or other factors. If your app has a pricing scheme which you aren’t sure will work within the Ecwid billing API, please contact us and we will discuss possible options with you.

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