Native Application Prototype

Welcome to the sample application UI!
This is an alert example you can show in your app interface. Using this sample application you can get started on your Native application quicker. Feel free to change anything in the source code of this application to suit your app functions.

Store currency
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Products catalog
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Abandoned sales
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Learn how to get get back the lost sales in our Help Center

Registered customers
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Someone's popular!

Shipped orders
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Nice going!

Unprocessed orders
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Hurry! Customers are waiting!

Use these settings to manage the application

Enable/disable toggle
Use this toggle to let users enable/disable optional functions in your app.

Text input field
Use this field to save text data like account name or text labels.

Specify your account name

Import products into your store from a sample file

Action button
Use this button to provide actions like uploading a file or opening an app section.

CSV products successfully imported
112 Products is successfully imported, 3 products are failed to import. 12:45, Oct 23, 2015