Building a Native App

People are most productive when the tools they use are simple, efficient and beneficial to their end goals. Building a native application gives the best experience overall for Ecwid merchants, and presents you the opportunity to have your service right inside the Ecwid Control Panel.

If you want to create that kind of functionality of your app, it’s important to know how it works and where to begin.


Because you are embedding a single page of your website or just an isolated page, created specifically for this application, it’s important that this page have a design similar to Ecwid control panel to create a seamless user experience for merchants.

Here are some requirements that will help get you on the right track:

  • Use Ecwid CSS Framework
    This will make the page look authentic and provide user with a consistent, familiar experience. Ecwid CSS Framework
  • No header or footer
    The Ecwid Control Panel already has them, so your app should be clean and give the appearance of a native feature.
  • Mobile ready
    Ecwid Control Panel is responsive, so it can be used by both desktop and mobile devices. Your app interface must have a mobile-ready version for mobile users and other cases.
  • Keep it simple
    Make sure your interface is simple and intuitive for users to understand. Provide descriptions and prefill the fields for the user whenever possible.

We suggest you check out other live apps and use them as an example. There are many great native apps that are already published in the Ecwid App Market, so feel free to find inspiration from existing examples. The less actions a user needs to take to set up the app, the better.

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