Publish your app

You finished your app — Awesome! Now let’s get it published in the Ecwid App Market and help 1 million small businesses grow! Here are 3 easy steps we’ll take together to finalize your app and make it available to Ecwid merchants!

Table of Contents

  1. Test and submit for review
  2. Fill in the app details page
  3. Publish in the Ecwid App Market

1. Test and submit for review

When your app is ready, we want to make sure that it works great for any new Ecwid merchant, so we will want to test the application in our test stores.

Psst! If you are just starting to develop your app, make sure to send an early alpha version for a quick review by the Ecwid team to see how the app is going to work. This will help you to publish the app quicker in the future.

To make the process faster, ensure your app works according to the guidelines and complete the app requirements checklist. Provide basic (optional) instructions on how to test the app to the Ecwid team.

We will review the app and provide our feedback on how to improve it, if necessary.

Action to complete

Make sure your app follows the guidelines and all items in publication checklist are completed (preview checklist).

Contact Ecwid team to submit the app for review.

2. Fill in the app details page

Once your app is approved by Ecwid team, we need to fill in the app details page. To do so, we will need content from you, which includes text, images, and various promotional materials.

Action to complete

We will send you a document link where you will be able to fill in all the required details. Application icon guideline

3. Publish in the Ecwid App Market

The app works great. The details page is compelling and comprehensive. That means it’s time to publish your app!

At this stage, Ecwid team will review and install the app one more time as a new user, so we can make any last minute improvements and make sure the customer experience is optimal.

Action to complete

Ecwid team will update you when the app is published or if it needs additional tweaks.

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