Supporting Your App

Keep your app up-to-date

When you create an app, it becomes the latest version of your service available. New users are registered every day and they check out your application: what can it do, what value it brings to their unique store and other aspects of it.

These users will come and contact you in case the app isn’t working as expected, or if they wish that it works in a slightly different way. Alternatively, if you integrated Ecwid stores with your service, you would want to make sure to provide the same feature set for Ecwid users as well as your direct user base.

So after some time you can feel the need to bring in new features to the app and make sure the app works as expected for all the users that install it.

Support your users

Any user is a key to make your app successful. In case if someone already is using your application on a regular basis, can send you feedback about the app and how it can be improved. Or if a user isn’t using your app for some reason sometimes will be happy to give you their thoughts about it and how it can be updated to be useful to them.

So it’s important to listen to the customers’ feedback and make yourself available for as many users as possible. They can contact you in many different places: your company’s website contact form, your support email, help sections of your website and many more.

After publication of your app, we will ask you to create a thread on Ecwid forums and it will serve multiple purposes:

  • announce your app to new and active users of Ecwid forums
  • create a new support channel for your app

Ecwid forums are public, so this thread will provide answers to any common questions about the app and make your app more approachable towards its users to provide feedback and help you make your app better.

Resolving issues

One of the important aspects of providing support is resolution of any issues, errors, etc. that happen in the app.

When you receive a question from a user, in some cases you would need additional information about the store settings or anything else to help you find the source of the issue. Using Ecwid API, you are accessing the store of a user on their behalf. Each application requires store owners to provide access to the store details, so to find out some certain settings, you can make a request to Ecwid API or check your local database for app settings.

In case if you are not able to troubleshoot an issue without accessing Ecwid Control Panel of a specific user, you must not ask login details of that Ecwid user. In the majority of cases, the Ecwid store of a person is the main way of making money in their life, so users are very cautions about its security.

Ecwid support team and App Market support team have access to any Ecwid Control Panel, so if you need to find some details necessary for troubleshooting — please contact us so we can both help our mutual customer to resolve the issue.

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