Terms and Conditions

Please read below to make sure you are familiar with the program and completely understand the terms and conditions of the Ecwid App Market. This is a summary of the terms portions we feel developers will find most important; to see the complete terms and conditions prepared by our legal team, please go here: https://developers.ecwid.com/termsandconditions

The Basics

Ecwid’s App Market is designed to build a robust community of complementary technologies our over 1 million merchants can leverage to grow their businesses. Since the applications use the Ecwid API, merchants are required to be on a paid plan. We’ll help you with defining the upgrade process and help you to encourage merchants to upgrade so they can leverage your app.

Revenue Share

80% of app download, product, service, or subscription revenues generated by referred customers are owed to the developer(s) of the application, and 20% are owed to Ecwid. In case Developer processes variable and/or non-recurring transactions instead (including but not limited to custom gift card platforms, payment processors fees, and advertising), Developer will receive 50% of such revenue and 50% is owed to Ecwid. If you bill customers directly, we require a payout of the 20% on a quarterly basis, and reports on progress on a monthly basis. The invoices for non-Ecwid-billed apps are provided in US Dollars and made via Paypal or Wire transfer only. We reserve the right to audit any app which we feel is inconsistent with our own numbers and expectations. To assist with reporting, onboarding and conversions, we advise using the Ecwid billing system. To find out more about Ecwid’s billing flow, you can see this page or contact us.

Registration and Approval Process

Upon receiving the registration request, our team will review your app and provide you with the appropriate API keys to begin development. If necessary, we will request additional information. Ecwid shall decide, at its sole discretion and with no obligation to provide any explanation, whether or not to approve the submitted app to be included in the App Market. Ecwid will not make any app available in the App Market until the App is officially approved by Ecwid. See the Publishing process description for more details.

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