Translating Applications for Ecwid

Ecwid has over 1.5 million registered merchants all around the world. To fulfill their needs, Ecwid is translated into over 50 languages in the storefront and 21 languages in the Ecwid Control Panel.

Your application will be accessible by all of these merchants. To make sure they have the best experience, your application should be translated into as many languages as possible.

Learn how to translate your app using the guides below.

The basics

Ecwid’s API Platform allows you to have a fully translated application for users from different countries.

Your app is translated in the following areas:

  1. App details page: texts, images
  2. Application itself: app interface, app tab name (for native apps), etc.

By default, your app and app details page needs to be translated to English. Find out how to translate each part of the app below.

Translating the application interface

Applications in Ecwid work in three different parts of an Ecwid store:

  • Storefront
  • Application tab in Ecwid Control Panel (native apps)
  • External website (external apps)
  • Translating the storefront

    An application for Ecwid can load its own, custom external JavaScript file.

    Before initializing the application in storefront, the app needs to know the language of the storefront. This is achieved with Ecwid.getStorefrontLang() method of the Ecwid JavaScript API.

    It is available right after Ecwid starts to load on the page, so your app knows the storefront language right away.

    Once the app knows the language, it needs to load the corresponding labels when initializing in a storefront. If the current language is not supported, the app has to load default text labels.

    For example, if storefront in Spanish and the app doesn’t support it yet, make sure to load the English version of text labels for interfaces.

    Translating native apps

    Native applications can embed into Ecwid Control Panel to provide settings or the main feature of your app.

    You are able to translate the native application interface based on the language of the Ecwid Control Panel. The merchant’s active language is provided in the authentication payload your application receives.

    So, to translate a Native app, follow these steps:

    • Find out how your app gets the payload (check your app iframe URL in your browser’s dev tools)
    • Get lang field value from the payload based on step 1
    • Load the text labels based on the language of Ecwid CP

    If the current language is not supported, use the fallback labels. For example, load English text if the user’s language is Spanish and you don’t have Spanish translations yet.

    For more details on getting info from payload, check Ecwid API Docs.

    Translating external apps

    External apps are accessed outside of the Ecwid Control Panel, so your app has full control of the information about the user, like browser language, geolocation, etc.

    Make sure to show your interface in the appropriate language based on the merchant who is installing and accessing your app.

    In any case, you can get the store office country in the information about store profile in Ecwid REST API.

    Translating app details page

    Your app details page has these elements: (screenshot). You are able to translate them into any language the Ecwid Control Panel supports.

    To translate your app details page, you will need to follow these steps:

    Once approved, the Ecwid team will apply the changes and the info you submitted to your app.

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